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What is Toggling?

Togle is a technology platform that allows e-commerce sellers to manage orders, inventory, and print invoices with a single click. The platform is free to use and can integrate with most popular applications. It’s easy to use and works on most devices. Togle is based in Seoul, South Korea.

Toggling was originally used to describe a pin that would be threaded through an eye in a rope. Today, the word is also used for a similar fastener and an up-and-down switch. This word has branched out to a variety of other fields, including computer technology. Toggling is also a keyboard key used to switch caps lock on and off.

Toggling is used in software and hardware. In computers, the Caps Lock key turns on the Caps Lock function while the Num Lock key turns it off. In software, toggle switches are used to turn on or off specific menu items. These can be found in settings and options menus. In these menus, users can turn on or off specific items to customize their computers.