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What Is a Toggle?

A toggle is a switch that only has two positions—on and off. You can find them in everyday technology, such as the Caps Lock and Num Lock buttons on keyboards or the options menus found in software applications. In the UI world, toggles are often used to allow users to switch between different modes or states, and they are commonly found in interfaces that need to show multiple items at once, such as when togel online a user is video chatting with two friends simultaneously.

The word toggle is also a verb, meaning to alternate between the on and off position of something. For example, when using a camera to shoot from several angles at once, you may need to toggle between the video streams from each of the three cameras. This way, you can capture the best vantage point from each location. Similarly, when you’re toggling between the various responsibilities of your job or home life, you can alternate between them in order to keep yourself on track.

Feature toggles are Boolean variables that represent the state of a piece of functionality, and you can use them to control what a user sees on a page or app. For example, a toggle can be used to hide or show a sidebar, an article’s credits, or a map pin on a world. Toggles are a great way to add more visual appeal to an interface, but they’re not for every use case. For example, if you toggle a tab header in the metadata section of an article, it’s important to include a counter feature for when you want to retire the toggle.

While you can toggle most content types with the visibility toggle—including article sections, containers, images, maps, key/value items, prompt linked articles, quotes, and aloud boxes—there are a few limitations. For example, a toggable container containing a mention link or dynamic content that loads later will not work with this feature.

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