What is Togle?

Togle is a word with many uses in the technology world. It’s a simple way to toggle between different settings and applications on a computer, mobile phone, and web browser. It’s easy to use, and it integrates well with many popular applications. What’s more, it’s free, and it works on most platforms.

Togle’s automated shopping mall management software helps e-commerce sellers manage orders, manage inventory, and print invoices. Founded in 2020, the company is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Togle also aims to sell its products to tech buyers. It promotes its products to them through a program called CB Insights. This helps buyers make buying decisions by identifying and ranking vendors.

Toggling is an unusual verb and noun. It originally referred to a pin that passed through the eye of a rope. The term is still used to describe a similar device or fastener. The term is also used to describe a switch in a computer, such as a key used to turn on the caps lock. If you’re confused about the difference, consider Webster’s New World College Dictionary.

Toggle switches can be hardware or software. Toggle keys on a keyboard turn on and off different functions. For example, the Caps Lock key on a computer turns on the Caps Lock function, while the Num Lock key turns off the Num Lock function. In software, toggle switches can be found in the preferences menu of a program, allowing users to turn certain items on and off without using the mouse.